The Firm

We are an experienced firm, renowned for legal representation in litigation and designing legal structures for businesses. We make your operations in the country materialize quickly and efficiently. In the field of litigation, the obtained results are the best reference for our efficiency. Managing business operations and litigations, allows us to prevent conflicts in short, medium and long terms, that result from a lack of adequate forecasting. We have more than two decades of proven expertise, providing legal services to domestic and foreign clients in the main fields of expansion and economic development. With two strategically located offices in Santo Domingo and Punta Cana, our legal practice extends to the entire national territory.

Our Mission is to provide efficient, reliable and personalized legal advice, using the experience, knowledge and talent of our team. Our professional exercise is defined by effective communication, optimal response time and the achievement of defined objectives, in accordance with the best interests of our clients.

Our Vision is to be the leading law firm in the Dominican Republic in offering the most efficient solutions to complex matters and providing the best customer service.

Our values are:

This value translates into honesty, respect and loyalty towards our clients. It allows us to reflect, guide, assess and direct our actions positively. We do our work with neatness, discipline, punctuality and firmness. The integrity of the firm is our commitment to manage all our values in a coherent way.

We identify ourselves with the needs of our clients. We take on our cases and projects with passion, always trying to exceed your expectations. We always ensure to act correct and accurate to meet the defined targets and implement the best solutions.

This is a value that is grounded in the conscience of our entire team and is the very essence of the firm. We take on our obligations very consciously and put the greatest care in everything we do and decide. Our word is our bond, and that is one of our strengths.

In everything we do, we adopt the procedures and techniques to achieve an optimum level of quality. It is the quality that distinguishes us and places us above the ordinary parameters. It is our performance standard. This value forces us to maximize our capabilities by implementing constant improvements. Our excellence includes added values such as passion for what we do, adaptation, consistency, visionary leadership, customer orientation, innovation, ideal knowledge management, the appropriate use of technological resources and social responsibility. In pursuit of excellence we demand more and more of ourselves.

Our values are present in all internal processes. We take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously. We define ourselves by an impeccable coherence between organization, information, results and billing.

Milagros Martínez
General Manager.-

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