We provide comprehensive consultancy for the establishment and development of all types of commercial operations in the Dominican Republic. We are renowned for our experience and prestige in the area. We make the quality, safety and speed required in the business world coincide in our services.

We develop our technical consultancy based on the legal framework applicable in each operation or project. We design dynamic corporate foundations and efficient and suitable contract structures within the main areas of expansion and economic development, with emphasis on the sectors of tourism, banking, real estate, construction, energy and new technologies.

We always take into account the prevention of conflicts as an added value of our services. It is our priority to ensure that our clients’ activities are carried out in a harmonious way and with a legal support that is consistent with the social, legal and economic reality of the sector in which they are developed.

Business and investment panorama in the Dominican Republic

Every corporate lawyer must base his practice on six pillars: planning, creativity, flexibility, security, trust and speed. These requirements are essential to achieve positive results in today’s business world. Based on them, we design and implement effective legal solutions, tailored to the needs of our customers.

Carlos Bordas

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